Icon of Saint Amphilochios – S356

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Saint Amphilochios was born about a.d. 340, and loved God from his very youth.  For love of Him, he left the world and became an ascetic cave dweller in the wilderness for many years.  Saint Amphilochios was probably a relative of Saint Gregory Nazianzus.  He was worthy to be called by angels from his cave to accept episcopal consecration for the City of Iconium in about a.d. 374.

Saint Amphilochios became spiritual friends with Saint Basil the Great and wrote against the various heresies that were plaguing the Church just before the Second Ecumenical Council in Constantinople in a.d. 381.  He went with his relative Saint Gregory to the Council and defended the Faith against, in particular, the Macedonians.  Saint Basil, who had died just before the Council, dedicated his work “On the Holy Spirit” to Saint Amphilochios.  He was also a firm opponent to Arianism.  Once when Saint Amphilochios tried to get the Emperor Theodosius I to drive out Arians from positions of honor, he ignored the emperor’s son Arcadius when they met.  Then Saint Amphilochios explained that those who do not honor the Son of God, dishonor the Father.  Theodosius saw the wisdom.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


Annunciation Convent, Patmos, Greece


Nun Kassiane


20th c. (Late)