Please allow approximately one to two weeks to ship your order, although most orders can be filled sooner.

NOTE: The following items can take longer as we do not keep them in stock but make them to order.
1) ALL Custom Icons (icon number begins with ‘C’ like CJ701)
2) ALL laminated prints
3) ALL Matched Sets (of Icons of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Theotokos as a Matched Set)
Please allow up to 14 to 21 business days on the 3 categories above although they may ship sooner.

If you need an order by a certain date please advise us when ordering (you can place “need by date” in comment section when checking out) and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We will get back to you with any rush handling or express shipping charges necessary to get your order to you on time.

Product Guarantee

All products purchased are fully guaranteed with regard to materials and workmanship.  Any problem will be repaired or replaced without charge at any time, by simply contacting us for return authorization.


No returns will be accepted unless there is a return authorization approved in advance of receiving the returns, and the problem is a material or workmanship imperfection from our production outside of the original artwork which is shown clearly in our catalogue or on our web site.

A 25% restocking fee is charged for all returns that are not damaged or do not have defective workmanship.

NOTE: NO RETURNS for Custom Icons or for Laminated Prints are accepted unless the problem is a material or workmanship imperfection from our production. All of these products are produced for a unique order and cannot be restocked.

Discount Groups

Click here to read information about discount group membership and how discounts are applied.  You may request membership in a discount group when you create a new account.  If you already have an account with us that receives a discount, please also apply for this discount group here with your online account. This is a separate system and you will need to be registered here to receive your discount while you are shopping online.