Icon of Christ Enthroned – J15

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The Lord Almighty sits on a throne as the Ruler of the universe, and in His left hand He holds an opened Gospel.  With His right hand He blesses with the priest’s blessing, the fingers of His hand forming the Greek letters “IC XC”, which is the abbreviation for “Jesus Christ”.   In Christ’s halo are the Greek letters for “I AM”, for this is the King of Kings as spoken of in Revelation (1:8), “I am Alpha and Omega…saith the Lord, Which Is, Which Was, and Which Is To Come, the Almighty.”

Orthodox iconography we often see inverse perspective, as is shown in the shape of the throne that Christ sits upon in this icon.   This is not lack of understanding of the natural perspective of a distant vanishing point, but to show that we are not mere observers but active participants included in the icon itself.

It is important to note that often when we focus on Christ’s amazing love for all creation, and His great condescension and humility in coming to us so approachably, we can lose sight of His Divinity, which was and is always present for those who see with sober sight and awesome awareness.  May we see this also!

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20th c. (Late)