Icon of the Annunciation – F132

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A modern icon of the Annunciation, or the announcing, the Holy Archangel Gabriel appears to the Virgin Mary Theotokos as she sits quietly spinning wool and praying in the house at Nazareth where she lived.  The great Archangel has come to tell her that she will give birth to God Incarnate, and yet she can still remain a virgin for all time as she has vowed before God from the time that she lived in the Temple.

God’s Will needs our agreement to have a free reign in this world, for God always respects our free will, even when we are wrong, although He does not always let us do what we wish.  In God’s Providence, He touches the free choice of His creatures so that in spite of any resistance to His Will, goodness can still come,  preventing anything from happening that cannot have goodness in our choices as a possibility.  We don’t get to choose reality, but we can use our choices to seek and find blessings in whatever circumstances are before us.  The Virgin chose most wisely by agreeing to be the Birth-Giver of God, and by this cooperation, God is born on earth.  Let us thank her, for in this choice we have been blessed too.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


20th c. (Late)


Monk Michael of Athos