Icon of SS Sergios and Bacchos (Sinai) – S195

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SS Sergios and Bacchos were fellow soldiers under the Roman Emperor Galerius Maximianus (who was Emperor from a.d. 305 to 311).  They were secret Christians who refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods when their true faith was discovered.  This faith deeply bonded them in brotherly love, for when Christ unites us firmly to Him, we come closer to all those who are moving towards sanctity, for He is the source of all true love.  Unfortunate-ly, today this spiritual love of brothers in Christ is often misunderstood to be carnal and erotic, from lack of the experience of truly spiritual and ascetic Christian love which is pure and undefiled.

SS Sergios and Bacchos were paraded around in women’s clothing to shame them, then sent to a former friend and military commander Antiochus in Mesopotamia, where they were tortured for days until Saint Sergios was beaten to death.  Saint Bacchos had a vision of Saint Sergios from Heaven who encouraged him to continue on his path of suffering martyrdom for Christ.  After days more of torture, Saint Bacchos was finally beheaded.  Let us pray to these holy saints to learn how to love God and our neighbor in truth. 

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt


13th c. (Late)