Icon of the Resurrection – F53

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This 16th century Russian icon shows Christ brightly arrayed in white robes and shining in the Light of the Resurrection, standing on the broken doors that held all those who had fallen asleep in death before Him in Hades.  Christ pulls Adam with His right hand out of the tomb and Eve too rises at the same time, while the Righteous Ones, including Kings David and Solomon behind Adam, come forth also to Paradise.  This is the passover from death to life for all those who will live with God in His ever-new Kingdom that can know no end.  This is the true Sabbath.

Two angels stand above holding His Cross with reverence for this continuous event that moves from the sorrow of Jesus Christ dying for us on the Cross to the third day when He rises in glory from His tomb after bringing all who love Him out from the realm of Hades.  We are invited into this Eternal Resurrection, which only begins for us if we are completely humbled and purified, purging our dross and excuses for sin willingly.  The door is open and Christ awaits us, but only if we choose to cooperate with Him gladly to be remade fully in His Image and Likeness.

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