Icon of the Miraculous Draught of Fish (Romanian) – F108

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A reverse glass-painted icon in the Roumanian folk-art style, this icon was made by Archimandrite Timotei Tohaneaunu in the mid-20th century.  To make the title come out properly when viewed from the front, the letters have to be inscribed backwards.    The bright reds, greens, yellows, and browns make the figures of Christ with His Holy Apostles stand out against the water of the Sea of Galilee where they had let down their nets at the command of Christ, and even though they had caught nothing the whole night before, now their nets were so full that they began to break.

When we are blessed by Christ to do any action, if we are humble and try to do so even if it seems unreasonable, good results can follow, as in this graphic example of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew following Christ’s suggestion.  The Holy Apostles James and John, with their father Zebedee, join the other Apostles in bringing in the great catch of fish, but when they come to land, Christ calls these four Apostles to leave everything including Zebedee, James and John’s father,  and follow Christ to become fishers of men.  They did so immediately.  May we learn to follow their good example.

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Glass Painting


20th c. (Mid)


Tohaneanu, Archimandrite Timotei