Icon of the Entombment of Christ (Palekh – Circa 1900) – F120

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A remarkable icon of the Entombment of Christ made at Village of Palekh in Russia about 1900.  These fine details and the beautiful and peaceful expressions on the faces show the spiritual character of each person depicted here.  Saint Joseph of Arimathea is at Christ’s head and Saint Nicodemus is at His feet beginning to wrap His Holy Body in the linen and spices for burial after Christ had been taken down from His Cross still seen in the distance on our right.  An angel weeps in sorrow just over Christ, now peaceful in that His Passion and Sufferings for all mankind are complete.

Three of the Myrrh-Bearing Woman, Mary Magdalene,  and Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, stand behind the angel and look on with love and reverence to see and notice where the Lord will be buried.   They will return after the Sabbath day bringing  their dearest love and sweet-smelling spices to anoint Him with.   The walls of the City of Jerusalem are shown in the background, for He had been Crucified and buried outside the walls as a common criminal.  We, too, should be smitten with heartfelt sorrow at Christ’s Passion and Death with them.

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ca 1900